​Two weeks ago, home from college on spring break, I was preparing to dive into an ambitious to-do list: make new audition cuts, work on video content, learn about marketing, record and share a clip of myself singing, memorize at least one monologue, and read some plays. I wanted to create. I wanted to share something with the world that would say, Look, I’m an artist! Isn’t what I made profound and beautiful? 

I’m 18 years old. I’m not as polished or professional or certain as I someday hope to be. I’m not always confident in what I create, and sometimes I don’t even feel good enough to create at all. When I wrote that intense to-do list two weeks ago, I think I was hoping for recognition and validation more than anything else. 

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I love creating a coherent social media presence; brand guides + content calendars are my jam.

As a member of MIM Magazine's social media team, I was in charge of creating daily Instagram content, writing captions + copy, and engaging with other accounts to help foster community.